calypso showhome by pacesetter homes

Feature Showhome: The Calypso by Pacesetter Homes

This week’s feature showhome is the Calypso by Pacesetter Homes. The overall design concept for this home is Modern California Coastal with traditional influences and natural elements. Read on as we unpack the style of home, the design concept and a touch on a few key products used throughout the home.

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All About the Calypso

Size: 1911 sqft
Type: Single Family Detached Home
Garage Size: Double Attached 
Main Floor Perks: Separate lifestyle room, walk-through pantry and open to above great room.

Upper Floor Features: Primary bedroom has a walk in closet and beautiful ensuite. There are 2 additional bedrooms, a loft and laundry room upstairs as well
Bonus! There are many optional layouts to choose from with this model, including a separate entrance to the basement!

The Design Concept

The inspiration behind this home was a balance of contemporary and traditional elements. Clean, neutral colors help to create an airy and open feel, while the navy blue cabinets bring forth a coastal vibe while still remaining calm and relaxed.

One way to achieve this same look in your home is to utilize curved furniture and boucle fabrics for the contemporary aspects of this design. Then, bringing in elements such as navy & cream and a shiplap feature wall will help to tie in the Modern Coastal vibe. 

calypso showhome by pacesetter homes

Get the Look: The Kitchen

calypso showhome by pacesetter homes

The kitchen in this showhome is STUNNING. True to the contemporary style, our designers chose a sleek and clean cabinet profile showcased in the Crème color for the perimeter and Midnight Blue for the island. 

As far as the cabinet layout goes a few modifications were made as well. The first was to convert the cabinets beside the fridge into a tall pantry. This allows for so much more storage space and fills in the kitchen nicely. Secondly, a custom wood hood was designed to bring in the coastal mood. Then the island was extended into the nook to accommodate a built in microwave! Finish the look off with a stunning hand glazed backsplash tile

Get the Look: The Lifestyle Room

In this showhome our designers staged the main floor lifestyle room as a homework space. By adding a built in desk to match the kitchen cabinetry, our designers were able to continue the modern coastal theme into this room. You don’t need to add a built in desk though – you can always get a few freestanding ones and still achieve the same look.  
Then add an interesting wallpaper, a comfortable chair and a few sconces and your kids will be begging to do their homework.

Get the Look: The Great Room

calypso showhome by pacesetter homes

With this home having an open to above living room space, it was easy to add in a knockout fireplace feature. Our designers decided to add in shiplap alllllll the way to the ceiling, and by painting it a taupe color it turns it from farmhouse to modern. Put a classic, contemporary mantle on top and voila! – a show stopping fireplace wall. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the railing in this home. One of the newer products available at designQ, we put in this stunning horizontal railing all the way to the 2nd floor. The handrail is stained to match the flooring, and the black spindles add just the right amount of contrast. 

Get the Look: The Ensuite

If you love going to the spa but hate leaving your house, then this is the ensuite is for you. We continued with the Midnight Blue cabinetry, and paired it with a crisp white brick backsplash tile that is carried all the way into the shower. By adding in gold framed mirrors and concrete-look countertops this ensuite is truly a coastal dream. 


All About the designQ Allowance

If you are purchasing a home with Pacesetter Homes, Sterling Homes or StreetSide Developments, you may have the option to visit their design center, designQ. Did you know you can add an allowance to your contract to spend on interior selection products with us? Watch below as we explain everything you need to know about the designQ Allowance.

What is a designQ Allowance?

A designQ allowance is basically a gift certificate to designQ. It allows you to add money into your mortgage to spend on upgrades at either your interior selections or retail appointment. 

When does a designQ Allowance get added to the contract?

The designQ allowance will be added by the area sales manager when writing up your contract. This allows it to be included in your mortgage. 

Can a designQ Allowance get added after the contract is signed?

We recommend you add the allowance to the initial contract with your area sales manager.

How do you determine how much of an allowance will be needed?

Start by browsing our website to get an idea of what products you are interested in. Then, while writing the contract with your area sales manager they will work with you to estimate a price that will cover the cost.

Why is it an allowance, and not an exact price?

As every home is unique there are many different variables to take into consideration such as layout changes, different specifications and different products. At your interior selections appointment we will provide you with exact pricing. 

What types of products can be included in a designQ Allowance?

Anything that is attached to your home, like flooring, cabinets, paint, window coverings and floor coverings. Basically if you took your house, flipped it upside down and shook it anything that didn’t fall out we can add. 

Can a designQ Allowance be added to a completed home?

Yes! Although the products you can include will be limited to items such as blinds, drapery and wall features. 

How does the designQ Allowance get used at the appointment?

Although you do create a wishlist with you area sales manager, it is not final. Our designers will use that as a reference during your interior selections appointment, however you can spend the allowance on whichever upgrades you would like. 

What are some key products to account for in a designQ allowance?

It’s a good idea to have a designQ allowance if you are interested in higher value items such as cabinet upgrades, cabinet layout changes, interior railing or tile

How will you know if you used the full allowance amount?

At the beginning of your interior selections appointment we will start with a credit of your allowance, and we will add upgrades towards it. Throughout the day your interior designer will keep you updated of where you are at and when you are approaching your total.

What happens if not all of the allowance is used?

No problem. Any unused portion of your allowance will simply be applied to your closing statement as a credit. This can help to offset any other charges that have come up during your building, unless it’s within 45 days of your possession. 

Why 45 Days?

45 days prior to your possession, the builder finalizes your closing statement to send to the lawyer. This typically cannot be changed. 

What happens if more than the allowance is spent?

Once again, not a problem. Any additional charges at designQ will simply be added to your closing statement to be paid at the lawyers. 

Can any overages be added to a mortgage?

Yes this is a possibility, however here at designQ we are not privy to your mortgage details so we recommend you speak with your mortgage specialist first.

Can products be purchased directly through designQ?

No, unless you are purchasing products through our designQ Shop such as blinds, drapery, wall features or furniture

All information listed in this post and video are deemed to be accurate at the time of filming. The information provided is a general overview of how a designQ allowance is used and may be differ in unique situations.  If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your area sales manager with your builder. 


designQ Shop – What’s it all about?!

Hopefully you have heard by now that we have something BIG coming soon. If you haven’t heard that’s ok, let me tell you.

We have something BIG coming soon!

But what exactly is it, and what is it all about?

Read below to find out all the exciting details about the designQ Shop – designQ’s newest and most anticipated program to date. 

What Can You Shop For?

In the designQ shop we will be offering a host of beautiful items for your new, or old, home. The products that we will be offering have all been hand selected by our talented designers, and most of the products you will be able to find in showhomes throughout Edmonton & the surrounding areas.  

 A few of the categories include:

  • Area Rugs
  • Art & Wall Decor
  • Beds & Bedroom Furniture (& Mattresses too!)
  • Floor Lamps
  • Seating & Custom Sectionals
  • Tables
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Where Can You Shop?

The inspiration from most of the products we selected have come from the showhomes we have designed! Our talented team of designers conceptualize and execute the showhomes for 3 of the top new home builders in Edmonton – Sterling Homes, Streetside Developments and Pacesetter Homes

The great thing about having over 100 showhomes in Edmonton and surrounding area’s is that we have over 100 stores for you to check out! During showhome hours you can stop by one of the showhomes to look at the available furniture options. 

Alternatively – you can check us out ONLINE! Our new designQ Shop website is coming soon for you to purchase any of our products online! Whoot-Whoot! Who doesnt love online shopping?!

Sterling Homes
Streetside Developments
Pacesetter Homes

How Can You Purchase Products?

There are 2 ways you can purchase furniture & decor items with designQ. 

Option 1: Come see us! You will be able to book a complimentary in-person design consultation with one of our designers. At this consultation the designer will help you bring your design vision to life by guiding you in which products will go best with the finishes in your home.

Option 2: Shop online. As mentioned above, we are working on a brand new website where you can shop all of the furniture & decor items we have available. You will also be able to shop by showhome – so if you have a certain couch in mind, perfect! You will be able to find it easily with this feature. 



Who Can Purchase From designQ?

Anyone! You don’t have to have purchased a Qualico home to be able to purchase products from the designQ shop. As long as you live our delivery zones, or are willing to pick up your items from our warehouse in Edmonton, then you can purchase from us. 

So go ahead and refer your friends, family, co-workers, dog sitters, & mother in-laws too. We would love to help them! 

Why Use designQ?

There are a ton of great reasons to shop with designQ versus a traditional furniture store, but here are 5 of the top benefits to working with us!

If you’ve purchased a Sterling, Streetside or Pacesetter Home already, then we have all of your interior selections & floorplans already! Meaning we can pull the paint, flooring and cabinet sample to really create a beautiful interior space just for you.

Our products have been hand picked by professional designers, and in most cases are shown in showhomes. Viewing an item fully set up, and staged in a home versus a dingy department store really gives you a feel for how the item will actually look in your home!

If you book a complimentary consultation with us, you get to meet with a professional designer to not just buy a piece of furniture, but to help you find your design style that fits with your lifestyle, not just the space itself.

Just about every product you purchase automatically includes a 5 year limited warranty! This warranty will cover almost anything your kids can drop on your new couch. More details to come about this amazing warranty program. 

Multiple delivery options to choose from including an all inclusive White Glove Service. This will include delivery, garbage removal and set up in the space with the help of a design assistant. 

So when will this be ready to go for you? Well it’s taking us a bit longer than we anticipated, due to Covid19 and the fact that we are perfectionists over here. But don’t dispair! Keep your eyes glued to our social media, and sign up to our mailing list if you haven’t done so already, and we will keep you updated with the progress! 

Thank you for your continued patience and support. We cannot WAIT to help all of you design and furnish your dream home. 

As always, any questions just ask!