Chantel Hupka

Interior Designer | Clients

Hey! I’m Chantel. I am a part of the Client Design team at designQ, working with clients and the designers everyday to help bring their dream home visions to life. I am also an Interior Design student at the UofA working towards furthering my education in the industry.


What is your favorite CURRENT design trend, and why?

Indoor plants, succulents, living walls – anything Green! As long as they are fake, because I do not have a green thumb! But, I love the pop of colour, especially in more neutral spaces, and find that plants make a space feel fresh.

What is your favorite PAST design trend, and why?

Minimalistic interiors. This is something that I will always love. I like to allow finishes to speak for themselves, and the less clutter the cleaner a space feels to me!

What do you like most about working at design Q?

Whether about work, or personally, I leave designQ everyday feeling inspired. It’s amazing to be a part of an environment that is so team orientated, where everyone genuinely works so well together, and enjoys to!

What is your favorite room in a home, and why?

The Living Room! Big sectionals with lots of blankets and lots of pillows! I love how cozy and homey the Living Room feels. There is nothing better than snuggling up with a fuzzy blanket and a good movie. I also love that it is a space that can change and grow with your style because it’s easy to switch up your furniture and décor.

Describe your dream vacation.

As long as there is a beach and sun, im happy! But I do have a ton of cultural vacays on the bucket list as well.

What advice would you give a client when staging their new home?

You know best. It’s easy to get caught up in all the current trends but remember that this is your home and it has to represent YOUR favorite trends and personal style. And have fun! This is the best part of building a new home so enjoy it!