Jen Macumber

Manager | Coordination and Field

Hi, I’m Jen and I work with the DesignQ showhome team to organize and keep things running smoothly.

What is your favorite CURRENT design trend, and why?

Natural, organic materials and simplicity.  It helps you to focus on you in the space, rather than the space surrounding you.

What is your favorite PAST design trend, and why?

For years I looked everywhere for textured chenille bedding.  I had an antique chenille bedspread on my bed when I was really young, and I always loved it.  So happy to see that it’s back.

What do you like most about working at design Q?

The new coffee machine.  Fabulous.

What is your favorite room in a home, and why?

My bedroom.  It’s my sanctuary.  I keep it light, airy and simple, and it always feels good to be there no matter what time of day.  And if my doorbell rings, I don’t even have to answer it.

Describe your dream vacation.

A permanent one to the Caribbean or Hawaii.