Jennifer Easton

Cabinetry Designer | Gem Cabinets


Hi! I am Jennifer and I am one of the kitchen designers from Gem Cabinets that works with the designQ team. I get to meet with clients and showhome designers to help bring their cabinet visions to life. 


What is your favorite CURRENT design trend, and why?

Right now I have been seeing a lot of dark and moody interiors. Dark cabinets and dark walls with lots of layered textures to give a sultry vibe. 

What is your favorite PAST design trend, and why?

I love anything mid-century! Clean lines, natural wood textures are always classic. 

What do you like most about working at design Q?

I am fortunate to work with such an inspiring group of people and with such an eclectic group of clients. No two days are the same. 

What is your favorite room in a home, and why?

Well I would have to go with the kitchen on this one. Obviously being the heart of the home it’s where most people spend their time with family. And there are so many ways to make a kitchen fit your personal style. 

Describe your dream vacation.

My dream vacation would be quiet and relaxing with a good book. I don’t want to need a vacation from my vacation.

What advice would you give a client when selecting their interior options?

Don’t overthink things. We see it here all the time! People go back and forth over and over, 9 times out of 10 they end up back at the first choice. If you were attracted to it off first glance then it was probably the one for you.