Madison Casson

Interior Designer | Showhomes

Hi I’m Madison. I don’t follow trends, I create my own.


What is your favorite CURRENT design trend, and why?

I never like to solely stick to an exact trend. However, I do draw inspiration from current trends and pull elements from those styles to create something unique that is balanced by classic finishes and forms. One of the new trends I’ve found inspiring is the use of greenery in interior spaces, as I find it makes an interior volume more inviting and tranquil.

What is your favorite PAST design trend, and why?

My favourite past design trend falls into the Victorian Era. Victorian Architecture is known for having individual rooms for distinct everyday tasks and social experiences. For example, they had drawing rooms, parlours, libraries, and sitting rooms. I like how this provided focus and purpose to those tasks. Unlike today where everyone strives on multitasking, which is reflected in the open concept interiors in present day.

What do you like most about working at design Q?

The best part about working at DesignQ is the culture of the workplace. Everyone at DesignQ are very talented individuals who continue to inspire me every day.

What is your favorite room in a home, and why?

My favourite room in a home in the Living Room. I find the Living Room sets the tone of the house and allows you to make statement with your furniture, décor, lighting and finishes.

Describe your dream vacation.

My dream vacation is traveling throughout all of Italy and Greece. I would love to try every type of Greek and Italian cuisine, and explore all beaches and historical landmarks within these countries.

What advice would you give a client when staging their new home?

My advice for a client stating their new home is not to select items that are overly trendy when it comes to your larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas and dining tables. Keep your furniture classic and simple. Allow your art and accessories to speak to different trends, so that they can be affordably replaced as trends change and evolve.