Nicole McMullen

Director | designQ

Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m the Director for designQ.  Coming to work with some of the most creative people in the industry is so rewarding and I am honored to be a part of this amazing group!


What is your favorite CURRENT design trend, and why?

Using the color palette, textures/ fibers, “feelings” from outdoor spaces as the inspiration for indoor applications is my favorite current design trend.  Why?  Nature is the canvas of the universe representing the most beautiful elements both perfect and imperfect just as they are.  I cannot think of anything better to want to replicate within an interior.  More than just textural elements and utilization of color, inspiration from nature promotes feelings of tranquility, peace and serenity- who doesn’t want a home with those aspects?!

What is your favorite PAST design trend, and why?

Although I appreciate a very well put together and thought out space, the days of rooms feeling “too staged” are behind us!  For a while, the emphasis on interiors was how well it was staged with little focus on how spaces need to function within the home or for the target buyer.  Successful design today combines equal focus on function as well as aesthetic!

What do you like most about working at design Q?

For me, designQ’s diverse team is amazing to be a part of.  We have team members with incredible education and specialty in so many areas of construction and design.  This diversity allows our team to service all builders in unlimited ways.  Putting the answer simply, I love the unlimited potential our group can offer the Qualico Companies!

What is your favorite room in a home, and why?

My favorite room in a home is the kitchen BY FAR! In most homes, the kitchen is the main center of family gatherings, weekend breakfasts, meal prep, homework and SO much more.  It is important to have a kitchen that is functional and stylish to support many memorable moments!

Describe your dream vacation.

My dream vacation would be in a warm tropical oasis!  Time to enjoy the sun, smell the ocean, walk the beach and recoup from the stresses and demanding schedule of ‘normal’ life. 

What advice would you give a client when staging their new home?

For anyone staging their new home, I always recommend choosing a source of decorative inspiration FIRST.  Pinterest pictures or magazine clippings can serve as your tool in pulling together your interior.  From that point, take mental notes of what existing furniture items you own vs. what you plan to get rid of.  Important pieces should be placed in the space first allowing you to incorporate your décor style around it.  It’s NEVER impossible to achieve a “Pinterest Ready” interior while incorporating your own existing pieces!