Do I pick my appliances at designQ?

All appliances are selected at the Builder’s preferred appliance supplier. Because there are so many different options for appliances, going to their showroom to select them is definitely the best option. Your appliances need to be selected prior to your designQ appointment. Click here for more information on appliances.

What about lighting?

Again, lighting is such a vast world of options, style, finishes, that it would just be too much to have them all under our roof! The Builders each have their own preferred lighting supplier that you can go and visit to choose your lighting. Alternatively, we do have pictures of included lighting packages you can pick from at designQ, but no physical fixtures on display.

What items can I select at designQ?

At designQ you will be selecting all interior finishes for your home, apart from those listed above. Below is a small sample of which home options you will select with designQ, and which options are available to select with your Builder.

* Items listed below depend on stage of construction, and builder approval. Please ask your Area Sales Manager for more information.

Selections made with the Builder

  1. Structural Items
  2. Heat / Mechanical
  3. Electrical
  4. Windows
  5. Exterior Doors
  6. Exterior Colors
  7. Lighting (with Builder’s supplier)
  8. Appliances (with Builder’s supplier)

Selections made with designQ

  1. All interior finishes such as…
  2. Cabinetry & Cabinet Handles
  3. Flooring & Tile
  4. Interior Doors and Hardware
  5. Railing
  6. Interior Wall & Trim Paint
  7. Closet Shelving
  8. Plumbing Fixtures & Sinks
  9. Window Coverings

Does product ever get discontinued?

Although suppliers do their very best to ensure all products are stocked and ordered according to the required construction schedule, sometimes manufacturers will cease the production of some products, or have a product that is back-ordered. If this happens to a product that you have selected, we will do our best to find the closest match, and will contact you to come in and re-select. Sometimes we are unable to find an exact match, so your cooperation and patience is appreciated.

How do I pay for upgrades?

When you sign your purchase agreement with your Builder, the Area Sales Manager will discuss your design wishlist, & come up with an appropriate allowance to spend at designQ. Think of it as a imaginary ‘gift card’. This allowance will be written into your deal, so it can be included in your mortgage.
When you arrive at designQ, you will start with a credit in that dollar figure. During your appointment, as you make selections, your designer will add them up and inform you every step of the way if you are within budget, or if you are starting to go over your designQ allowance, allowing you to adjust accordingly, if desired.
Anything you do spend over your allowance will be added to an addendum, which will be reconciled with your Builder at closing. Please speak to your Area Sales Manager for more details on this.

Click here to learn more about the designQ allowance!

Can I bring my children to my appointment?

Selecting all the interior items for your home can be a big task! We request that you take the entire day to relax and enjoy the process. We do recommend that you try to find childcare as it can be a long day for both parents and children alike. In the case you are unable to find childcare, we do have a ‘kid’s zone’ outfitted with a TV, toys and books, however this area is unsupervised.

Do I need to bring a lunch?

No! There will have a 45 minute lunch break from 12:00 – 12:45. During this time, you can use our provided Gift Card to have lunch at one of the following nearby restaurants: Wendy’s, Tim Hortons or Fifendekel. Additionally, we have a fully stocked café at designQ offering coffee, water & other beverages.