How to make your interior design BLOOM

SPRING is the PERFECT time for revamping, refreshing & rewarding yourself & your home with a sparkly new look!  Winter is on the way out, so bringing in fresh color, new art or simply rearranging furniture in a room makes perfect sense! 

Sprinkle Color Everywhere

Adding color to a room can be bold & energizing or subtle & quiet.  With spring being a time of rebirth & renewal in the outdoors – try bringing the outside IN!  Dark colors are perfect for winter but swapping them out for bold neons or pastels will feel soooooo energizing!  It’s gonna make you do the happy dance I promise!  Feeling bold & sassy?  Step outside of the box & add a single saturated accent chair! 

Decorate With Flowers

One of the easiest ways to update a room is by adding fresh flowers.  Tulips are super inexpensive & last forever while daffodils are just downright cheery.

Make a morning out of it by heading to a Farmer’s Market for local handpicked inspiration!  Bouquets don’t have to be big – small bud vases on nightstands or cute tins of daisies in a bathroom add charm & whimsy and completely change the energy in a room. 

Use Lighter Weight Fabrics

Ditch the heavy fur throws & cozy cable knit blankets!  Think linen & fresh, crisp cotton in neutral colors.  Not only will it keep your space feeling calm but it will also make the room feel bigger & brighter!

Slap on Some Paint


Full disclosure…I HATE PAINTING and truth be known I SUCK AT IT…

BUT it is one of the quickest ways to an easy makeover! 

Don’t take this too seriously though. Have some fun with colors and pick ones you may not normally choose and remember…if you hate it, it’s easy to change!

Swap out Toss Cushions

Looking for an easy upgrade that you can do in literally one afternoon?  Swap out your toss cushions to quickly freshen up any dull room without spending days on a costly reno!  Don’t overthink it!  Mix patterns with solids, look for cushions with interesting trim and mix up the sizes as well!

Clear out the Clutter

Last but definitely not least…starting Spring with a fresh, clean slate won’t happen if you don’t declutter.  This is a perfect time to donate, sell or give away anything you haven’t used since last Spring.  Clear off countertops and clean out closets and drawers.  Now open the windows, let the fresh air in and get ready for the flowers to bloom!

As always, if you have any questions please comment below! 


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