kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen Cabinet Design

One of the many benefits to building a new home is that, if you choose to, you can really customize the layout and overall use of your kitchen cabinet design. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home so why not make it fit your family and lifestyle?

We’ve separated the kitchen cabinet design ideas into 3 sections – The Layout, The Look and The Function. Read on to see some examples on popular upgrades in these 3 categories. 

Standard Cypress Kitchen

Modified Cypress Kitchen

The Layout

When building a new home with a Qualico Builder, you will always start off with a standard kitchen layout for each model. This layout is essentially the footprint of the kitchen, showing where the cabinets and appliances will be located. 

But what if you want extend the island by 2′? Or maybe you have your heart set on a cooktop range and built in oven? All of these changes and more are all possible with our Cabinetry Design team from Gem Cabinets! 

Popular Layout Changes

Cooktop Range

Adding a cooktop range to your kitchen gives you more storage space and a sleeker look. 

If doing a cooktop though you will need to also have a built in oven and microwave cabinet too!

Built in Oven & Microwave

You don’t need to have both of these built in, but you can! Most times our clients will opt for a built in microwave in either a perimeter cabinet or even in the island. If you are doing a cooktop range though, the Trinity showhome in McConachie shows you how that layout could look!

Tall Pantry Cabinet

If your floorplan doesn’t come with it’s own separate pantry, then you may want to add in a pantry cabinet to your kitchen. 

This cabinet in the Virginia Showhome in Secord has a large inside area to hide all your soup cans and more.

The Look

You don’t always need to make a big layout change to make a big impact to your kitchen. 

Often times our clients choose to do 1 or 2 small changes to their kitchen that still provide a stunning end result that you will want to show off. 

Popular Kitchen Upgrades

Wood Hood

A ‘Wood Hood’ is essentially a custom wood cover made to fit overtop of, and conceal, a hoodfan.

There are numerous styles of wood hoods available, but we love this custom slatted design done in one of our recent Pacesetter showhomes, the Cypress in Griesbach. 

Furniture Style Island

Re-designing your kitchen island to resemble a piece of furniture is a great option to add a focal point to the space. 

The freestanding island in the Cypress Showhome in Griesbach still offers an eating bar, as well as extra storage.  

kitchen cabinet design

Glass Cabinet Doors

Adding a few glass cabinet doors to your kitchen gives the space a bit of sophistication and elegance, and can really help to open up a smaller space. 

StreetSide Developments Abbey Showhome in Tamarack.

Open Shelves

Another great option for your cabinets is to convert the bottom half of a normal cabinet into an open shelf, as seen here in the StreetSide Developments Harley showhome in Cy Becker. 

This allows you to still have enclosed storage, but also a bit of display area as well.

kitchen cabinet design

Built In Wine Rack

There are so many different versions of built in wine racks that are available, but we love this one in the Calypso showhome in Jensen Lakes. It sits behind glass cabinet doors, and as plenty of space for plenty of wine 😉 

The Function

While it’s true our kitchens need to look good, they also need to function well! These types of upgrades are often hidden from plain sight, but remember it’s what’s inside that counts.. 

Check out these popular functionable upgrades that you can add to your kitchen!

Pot & Pan Drawers

Adding pot & pan drawers is a must. If you’ve ever had a home with them, you know you can’t go back. These pull out drawers are ideal for larger items such as, well pots & pans! 

The Calypso showhome in Keswick Landing.

Spice Pull Outs

Now this is something we can get behind! Spice pull outs can be added to upper or lower cabinetry, and they work great close to the range for easy reach while cooking! 

Double Garbage Pull Outs

Hate having garbage bins out in the open? Why not upgrade a base cabinet to house them! Not only can you contain your garbage to it’s own area, but you can easily separate your trash and recyclables. 

Slide Out Trays

Have you ever tried to reach for something way in the back of a cupboard, and end up knocking over half of the other items? The solution – slide out trays! Replace a base cabinet or add these to a tall pantry cabinet. They provide easily accessible drawers tucked away within the cabinet itself. 

Click here to check out all our cabinetry options that are available to client’s of designQ. As always, if you have any questions drop a comment below! 

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