During your selections appointment you will meet with one of our on-site Cabinetry Designers to help you create your ideal cabinetry look and layout! Our designers will not only ensure your cabinets are laid out effectively but can help provide storage and organization solutions as well! 
Below are some of our most common upgrades when it comes to cabinetry layouts and accessories.

Pricing varies, please speak with your Cabinetry Designer!

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Pot & Pan Drawers

Converting a base cabinet into a pot and pan drawer system allows you to add large pull out drawers; ideal for pots and pans storage!

Spice Pull Outs

Spice pull outs can be added to upper or lower cabinetry. These work great close to the stove for easy reach while cooking!

Double Garbage Pull Outs

Upgrade a base cabinet to a double garbage pull out. Not only can you contain your garbage it’s own area but you can easily separate your trash and recyclables! 

Slide Out Trays

Replace a base cabinet or add these to a tall pantry cabinet! These provide easily accessible drawers within the cabinet!

Wood Hood

A ‘Wood Hood’ is essentially a custom wood cover made to fit overtop of, and conceal, a hoodfan. There are numerous styles of wood hoods available.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Adding a few glass cabinet doors to your kitchen gives the space a bit of sophistication and elegance, and can really help to open up a smaller space.

Open Shelves

Another great option for your cabinets is to convert some upper cabinets into an open shelf. This allows you to have a display area and creates interest!