The Okanagan Collection | Edgewater

Color: Edgewater
Series: Okanagan Collection
Manufacturer: Timeless Flooring
Material: Hardwood


The Okanagan Collection | Edgewater of European White Oak never goes out of style and the trendy colours  are a fit for your fashion. The combination of wide plank flooring and long boards creates the most sophisticated look in hardwood. This collection works well in Classic, Traditional and Rustic designs. Each board is sculpted by hand and no 2 boards are identical. This structure creates a maximum stability for plywood core products and allows for glue down radiant heat warranty.

Details of The Okanagan Collection | Edgewater by Timeless Flooring:

  • Material: Hardwood
  • Installation Method: Nail / Glue / Float
  • Finish: Matte Aluminum Oxide
  • Texture: Brushed