The Barnwood Collection | Worn Leather

Color: Worn Leather
Collection: Barnwood


If you are dreaming of a reclaimed wood wall, look no further than the barnWOOD Collection. These faux barn wood panels are lightweight, highly durable and easy to install. Within minutes they allow you to get the look of real barn wood on your walls. Casted from real wood planks collected from old barns, each wood plank has texture, character, and looks just like reclaimed wood. The details of barn wood such as cracks, knots, and raised wood grain are captured in each panel. Installation is fast and easy as the panels are fastened to the wall using screws and/or nails and can be cut with a wood saw blade. barnWOOD is available in 5 different colours: weathered grey, aged elm, white wash, barn red, worn leather.

Made of high-density polyurethane and available in three different thicknesses: 0.5,” 0.75,” and 1,” which produce a 3-D wood wall effect as these boards are randomly arranged on your wall. With a weight of 1 lb./square foot, these lightweight panels can be applied directly to drywall.