Shower Trim Options

Have you ever dreamed of having the ultimate spa shower in your own home? Before you start picking out the plumbing fixtures, it’s important to consider the different valve options available. Depending on the features you want in your shower this can be an important step! 

Shower Trim Options

At designQ, we offer 5 different shower trim options. Check out the below comparison chart for a good overview of what is included in each one, and then scroll down to read more information about the different options.


The Posi-Temp shower trim is the starting point. This is the included option in your new build and is probably what you are the most familiar with. 

This valve can operate only 1 fixture – the showerhead. It goes on and off and controls the temperature of your water. 

Most plumbing series comes with the Posi-Temp trim option. 

Posi-Temp Integrated Transfer Valve

The Posi-Temp Integrated Transfer Valve is the next step towards your dream shower. This valve option allows you to add in a 2nd fixture to the shower, and run them both at the same time! 

The top lever controls the temperature and the bottom one controls which functions you want running. 

This valve option is only available on select plumbing series. 

MCore-3 Integrated Transfer Valve

Just as it’s name suggests, the MCore-3 allows 3 fixtures to be added to your shower. Only 2 will be able to run at a time, but you have the option to throw another rain showerhead (or any other fixture) in if you want! 

The neat thing about the MCore-3 valve is not only can you control the fixtures and temperature, but you can also control the  water pressure. Simply pull up on the bottom lever, and have the ultimate control over your shower. 

This valve option is only available on select plumbing series. 


Exact Temp Thermostatic Valve Trim

Your dream shower just got better with the exact temp thermostatic valve. This trim allows you to dial in the temperature (literally.. there is a dial) and maintain your ideal temperature for the duration of your shower. 

There are separate fixture controls that get added and those will control turning each fixture on and off. 

This valve system allows for 3 different showering functions to be operated independently, or at the same time!

This valve option is only available on select plumbing series. 

Smart Shower Digital Controller

Would you like to be able to turn your shower on while still in bed? The Smart Shower creates a customized experience to meet your exact needs. Offering precise temperature control and preset options, you can operate the shower in three ways: voice control through smart speakers, the U by Moen Smart Shower App, or an in-shower controller. Plus, unique features, such as remote activation and “warm up and pause” provide both ease and potential water savings.

The Smart Shower allows up to 4 fixtures meaning you can finally get your body sprays, rain shower and handheld like you have always dreamed about!

Now that you are more informed on the different shower trim options, which one will you choose?! 

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