Below are some of our commonly asked questions!

Wood Cabinets or Thermofoil Cabinets, which is better?

Wood Cabinet Pros

  • This product is repairable to small nicks & scratches.
  • Has the most options available in both contemporary or traditional styles.

Wood Cabinet Cons

  • This is a natural product and is slightly more delicate than man-made products.
  • Natural products can have variations in the colours and this cannot be avoided.

Thermofoil Cabinet Pros

  • This is a man-made product so it is very consistent in colour and finish.
  • The thick vinyl finish is very durable and fairly stain/smell resistant.

Thermofoil Cabinet Cons

  • Not repairable because the top product is a plastic material. If it does get chipped, the whole piece will need to be replaced.
  • Not too much detailed/traditional options as it’s more contemporary in its design.

What's the difference between glass/open shelves and closed cabinets?

Although open shelves can look beautiful you have to keep in mind the day-to-day maintenance and how your family operates in the kitchen! Open/Glass shelves are mostly meant to display decorative items or pieces you don’t use frequently. Keep in mind that you will also be loosing that cabinetry space (aka: additional storage) in order to accommodate the open shelves. They will also take more time to dust and clean!

Closed cabinets overall allow for more storage space. Since they have doors you can easily hide your organized mess behind them. 

Looking for something in between? Try a cabinet door front with a glass insert! This will provide the most storage but still allow you to display your most beautiful plates & bowls!

What if my appliances don't fit?

All clients are recommended to select their appliances from Trail Appliances  prior to their designQ appointment. This will allow our Cabinet Designers to ensure the selections you made will fit within the cabinet openings. If any adjustments need to be made, this can happen during your design appointment!

I want built-in appliances, do adjustments have to be made?

Yes! As mentioned above, all appliances are recommended to be selected prior to your designQ appointment. If you have selected built-in appliances (cooktops, wall ovens, etc) we will contact you for an Kitchen Cabinetry Preconsultation. This is a 2hr appointment with one of our Cabinet Designers to review your cabinetry layouts. This allows the Cabinetry Designer time to design your new layout. Your new layout will be reviewed with you at the time of your designQ Selections appointment and any minor adjustments can be made at that time.

What's the difference between Quartz and Granite?


  • Man-made, non-porous stone made of up ground quartz and a small percentage of polymer resins to make it very durable. 
  • Usually more simple in detail with less graining.
  • Easy maintenance by cleaning with warm water and a soapy cloth. No sealing is required.


  • Natural stone product that can have a ton of variety in colour as well as heavy graining in it.
  • Porous material that needs to be sealed every couple of years to help protect against staining.

Can we mix countertop selections in the kitchen and the bathrooms?

Yes! You can mix standard or upgraded countertop selections from the kitchen and the bathrooms!

What is the benefit of a silranit sink? Is it more durable?

Silgranit material is a granite composite that has superior strength and durability. These sinks are heat, scratch and stain resistant. It is a harder and more durable material. Plus you get to choose from a variety of colours available!

Can I use an undermount sink with my 3/4 quartz?

Yes! You can undermount a sink on 3/4″ quartz as well as 1-1/4″ quartz!