Urban Industrial

The Urban Industrial style takes inspiration from old factories & industrial spaces and brings them into our everyday interiors. 

The Urban Industrial look brings together a natural colour palette commonly using greys, neutrals and rustic colours. Combining these colours with brick, metal and wood tones. Accents of dark, moody tones can help to layer the feel throughout a space.

Whether you’re moving out on your own for the first time or a couple building their first home together, the Industrial style can be very versatile for all home owners.

Our packages will help you achieve the loft feel throughout your home, there’s even brick!

Here at designQ we offer 6 distinct design styles that you can use as a starting point when planning your dream home
r you can purchase a home with one of these predetermined styles already selected for you. 

When purchasing a spec home not all options may be included. Ask your area sales manager for more details. 
Product & pricing availability subject to change without notice.

Included Selections

The Urban Industrial look can be easily achieved without going over your budget. 

Gauntlet Grey | Thermofoil | Monaco

Cabinet Hardware
Matte Black | Handle

Winterburn | 3/4″ Quartz

Ceratec| Bianco Matte| 4×16 
Install: Straight Stacked

Wall Paint 
Dulux Swirling Smoke

Trim Paint
Dulux Delicate White 

Miss Sunshine | Quest Series

Dwellings| Groundwork Plus| #945 Castle

Door Style
2 Panel Square

Door Hardware
Fairfax | Satin Chrome

Bathroom Faucet Series
Klio | Chrome

Bathroom Sinks

Toilet (not pictured)
Evolution | Round Front Standard Height

Premium Options

Add more Urban Industrial elements to your kitchen by incorporating some of these premium options. 

City Light Grey | 3×12
Install: Horizontal 50/50

 Indi | Matte Black

Horizon Double Bowl | Silgranit | Cinder | Undermount

A Stainless Steel Undermount Sink is an alternative option. Please speak with your Area Sales Manager about which sink has been selected for your home.

Bathroom Faucet Series
Genta LX | Matte Black

Bathroom Sinks

Toilet (not pictured)
Evolution | Round Front Standard Height

Lighting Package

Complete your Urban Industrial interior dream by adding matte black lighting to any of the packages listed above.

Matte Black Lighting Package

Fixutres can vary based on different models

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