Below are the available options for tile install patterns for both floor and wall tile. 
These install patterns can vary in price, please speak with your designer about pricing!

Note: not all sizes of tiles can be done in each pattern. Please speak with your designers on which patterns are available for different format tiles.

Wall Tile Installation

Straight Stacked

This is the included install pattern when you have tile in your home. It’s a simple and clean design.

Straight Stacked Vertical

A modern twist on your typical straight stacked pattern.

50/50 Brick

A classic look! This can be modern or traditional depending on your tile and grout choices.

70/30 Offset

Similar to the brick pattern but slightly offset allows the pattern to flow through the space.


Make an statement and focal spot in your room with a herringbone install. This is eye catching and timeless.


A unique and interesting pattern to stand out from the rest.

Floor Tile Install

Straight Stacked

This is the included pattern when you have tile in your home. It is simple and looks great with a square format tile. Can be used with 12″ x 12″, 13″ x 13″, or even 24″ x 24″ tiles.

Straight Stacked 

Depending on the size of tile you choose straight stacked is also included with a 12″ x 24″ format tile.

50/50 Brick*

Add interest to your space with the timeless 50/50 Brick install. This can only be done with square format floor tiles.

70/30 Offset*

This pattern is available for square and rectangle format tile. Rectangle format tile shown in photo.


Herringbone is available for a rectangle format tile. It’s a stunning way to add character to your floors!

Plank Style

We offer some tiles that mimic the look of a hardwood floor. These are typically installed as a plank style to achieve the look.

All pricing & products availability is subject to change without notice. Pictures shown are for visual reference only and may look different in person.

*all starred items are premium options, not included with the standard package.