February 2020

What’s up for February 2020

Chelsi, our social media specialist, talks about everything we have lined up for February 2020! And it’s a lot!

We will continue to explore our designers favorite things and new products coming into the designer center on our social media, and we have a blog post lined up walking you through how to pull a room together just like a designer! You don’t want to miss it – it’s super informative! 

Also on the agenda is a new series talking all about product care & maintenance for your home. We get a ton of questions from clients about how to take care of the new items going into their home, as well as a host of general questions about the product itself. So this month join us as we explore the items you will find in your kitchen & bathrooms, giving you expert advice on how to keep those products tip-top! 

Be sure to check it out, and comment below with any questions!

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