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Welcome to designQ 2020


Welcome to designQ, and to our brand new blog! We are super excited to showcase what we are all about at designQ and keep you informed on all things design throughout 2020.

If you have never heard about us before, or even if you have but you just aren’t sure what the heck we even do, then read on my friend! In our introduction blog post, we go back to grade school and explain the 5 W’s – Who we are, What we do, Where we work, When should you come see us, and How any of this benefits you! 

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Nan Marshall

Who are we, and what do we even do?

designQ is the state of the art design center for 3 of Edmonton’s most prominent new home builders – Pacesetter HomesSterling Homes & Streetside Developments

When you buy a new home from any of the above new home builders, you will in some way be affected by our team. 

The talented designers at designQ conceptualize, design, and execute all showhomes – so before you even step foot into designQ you have already experienced the stunning work of our design team in over 80 showhomes throughout the city. 

Once you decide to build, then you get to come see us where we will walk you through selecting every detail and finish inside of your home. 

Learn more about us here. 

And if the above wasn’t enough, designQ is adding one more tool in our belt this year. Stay tuned in the next few months to learn about an amazing opportunity for you and your home. 

Who says you can’t have your new home, and furnish it too? 

Which Builders do we work with?

Each of the new home builders we work with offers a variety of home plans, and options. Click on their logo’s below to read more about them! 

You can also stop by to visit them, and check out our talented designers work, in any of their show homes throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

Where & when can you visit us?

** Preview Nights currently CLOSED due to Covid-19**

If you aren’t building a new home quite yet, but want to come and check out what we have to offer, come and see us on a Preview Night. 

Every Thursday evening from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m, designQ opens it’s doors for you to come and take a peek at every item you will be able to select in your new home. We have designers in each room answering any questions you may have, and showing you the standard items for each builder as well as any upgraded products. 

We are located at 3203 – 93 Street NW in Edmonton. 

How will signing up for these blogs benefit me?

We LOVE giving information – even on things non design related 🙂 

So what can you expect? 

  • We will bring you the latest design trends & how to achieve the look in your own home
  • We will show you how to stage a room – ever wonder exactly how to lay out your master bedroom for maximum efficiency and relaxation?
  • We will also show you where to shop to get the showhome look in your own home
  • Be the first to know when new products get brought in to the design center
  • Promotions. Need I say more?
  • And SO much more! 
  • We also do video’s – which means blooper reels. Oh yes. 

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