Railing is a feature that can be added to your home to create a statement!

Let’s start by learning about the parts of a railing.

Handrails are what you grab when you walk down the railing. They finish off the top of the spindle pattern and can be mounted to the wall where spindles are not able to be installed.

Spindles are the focal design feature of your railing. With horizontal railing there are a variety of metal spindles to choose from, in a large selection of finishes so you can find something unique to fit your home!

The post is the main support for the installation of the railing. You will see them at any turning point or end of the railing. 

Wall brackets support the handrail where spindles can not be installed.

Pick Your Spindle Design

Pick Your Spindle Colour

The below spindles are available for all metal spindles.

The below selections are the only options available for horizontal railings. There are no caps required with horizontal railing.

Wall Bracket

Pick Your Colour

Railing can be painted or stained. This allows you to coordinate your railing with the rest of your home! Whether you’d like to coordinate with your trim paint colour or your flooring!

Click one of the options below to see the available colours.

Note: not all paint colours are the same price point, please speak with your designer about pricing.

Trim Paint

Wall Paint

Feature Paint

Wood Stains

All pricing & product availability is subject to change without notice. Pictures shown are for visual reference only and may look different in person.