Spindles are the focal design feature of your railing. The pattern of the spindles is the repeat in which a particular design repeats. You will see a variety of “feature” spindle designs in the images below. You will pick your spindle design in the next step!

Whether you choose wood or metal spindles there are a ton of finishes, patterns and styles available so you can find something unique to fit your home!

Below are the patterns available for metal spindles for Pacesetter Homes – Inspire Series.

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Level 0

Level 0 Metal Spindle railing is a plain bar spindle available in a variety of finishes. 

Level 1

Level 1 Metal Spindle Railing allows you to add design features to your railing. Let’s start by selecting the pattern of your railing.

Level 1G

Level 1G allows for Grouped Patterns within the spindles!

All pricing & product availability is subject to change without notice. Pictures shown are for visual reference only and may look different in person.