Will Your Silgranit Sink Stain or Scratch?

Silgranit sinks are extremely popular right now. They are super durable, they look great and they come in a variety of styles. 

But a question we get asked a lot from our clients is “It looks great, but does it scratch easily?” or, “The lighter color is beautiful but I’m sure it will stain, right?”.

So we decided to put it to the test! Watch the video below as a 3 day old stain comes right out, and scratches disappear like they were never there! 

Want to learn more about Silgranit? Check out our blog where we talk about the best kitchen sink materials, and the differences between Silgranit and Stainless Steel. 


What’s up for March 2020

Chelsi, our social media specialist, is hanging out in the Sterling Homes ‘Sage’ Showhome to go over what we have lined up in March 2020 at designQ.

We will continue to explore our designers favorite things and new products coming into the design center. A new blog post to celebrate the first day of Spring is in the works, which will show you how to freshen up your home decor to bring in the warm, sunny vibes.

Last month we promised you a new series all about the care & maintenance of products for your new home. Well they took a bit longer than we anticipated, but they are ready for this month! First up we explore products found in the kitchen and even take a trip to Trail Appliances to give you a run down of how to pick those items for your new home.

And lastly we are starting the countdown to the launch of the designQ SHOP! We are so, so excited for this and we hope you are too! Watch for more information coming throughout the next few months on what exactly the shop is, and how you can purchase furniture & home decor through us!

As always, comment below if you have any questions!

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February 2020

What’s up for February 2020

Chelsi, our social media specialist, talks about everything we have lined up for February 2020! And it’s a lot!

We will continue to explore our designers favorite things and new products coming into the designer center on our social media, and we have a blog post lined up walking you through how to pull a room together just like a designer! You don’t want to miss it – it’s super informative! 

Also on the agenda is a new series talking all about product care & maintenance for your home. We get a ton of questions from clients about how to take care of the new items going into their home, as well as a host of general questions about the product itself. So this month join us as we explore the items you will find in your kitchen & bathrooms, giving you expert advice on how to keep those products tip-top! 

Be sure to check it out, and comment below with any questions!

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wicker spiral

How to incorporate the 2020 design trends in your home.

If you read our blog post last week, we talked about what the 2020 design trends are, and which ones we think are amazing. 

If you didn’t read it – you should… click here

Now that you know what the new trends are, you may be wondering how you can incorporate them into your home – easily and within budget! Watch below as Chelsi takes you on a tour of the Sterling Homes Serenity showhome in Edgemont East and shows you how to get the look! 


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